What Goes on in the Mind?

Mark’s story ( Mark Ch5 v22 to 43) Jairus, an important man in trouble.

Jairus was worried sick. His darling daughter aged 12 years old lay dying.

There was nothing he could do about it, the doctors tried, but failed. At the thought of losing her tears coursed down his cheeks. Then he saw Jesus! Never mind the crowds all around Him, He just might help. Jairus pushed through the people and knelt before Jesus. “My young daughter is dying, please come”.

Hope and joy sprang into his heart, Jesus would come, Jairus hurried to lead the way, but Jesus did not seem to see the urgency. Then He stopped and looked around .

“Who touched Me ?” He asked. What a question in a big crowd like this! “Come on Jesus” My need is important. But Jesus insisted.. “Who touched me “.

Who touched me ? Everyone did in a crowd this size.

“Come On Jesus”

“No someone touched Me, Power has gone from me “.

At last a woman comes and kneels before The Master. “I touched your garment “.

My how that woman talks on! – her life of suffering, the list of doctors, all the money paid out seeking a cure.

Jesus has to hear her life’s history. At last Jesus tells her “Your Faith has saved you”.

At last we all move on! Oh the time that has been wasted.

Jairus recognized the two servants running toward him.Their words hit him hard.

“Don’t trouble The Master, your daughter is dead”.

Grief and anger flood his mind,

If Only ! Now it is too late.! If only that woman… If only his daughter could have hung on to life a little longer…If only !

Calmly Jesus looks at poor Jairus. “Have Faith and believe”. He continues to walk on. Arriving He ignores the crowd of mourners and their ridicule that the little girl is only sleeping

Only Mum and Dad and the disciples enter the little girls room.

Taking her hand , “It is time to get up now” . She opens her eyes and sees the smiling face of Jesus. She runs to embrace her parents, She runs, skips and jumps for joy. Jesus and His disciples leave a happy house, with a hungry girl having breakfast.

Think ! How many of these feelings of Jairus have YOU experienced.

How little faith we all experience at times.

Jesus says “See I am with You always, even unto the end”.

May your Faith be always strong.

Greetings Gerald Gossage.

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