A View of Christmas (poem)

The shepherds had an angel, the wise men had a star,

The shepherds came from near at hand, the wise men from afar,

We too would visit Bethlehem, But it’s many years too far,

But Christ will come to visit us, and He comes to where we are.

Joseph was a carpenter, Mary a teen age maid,

The Son of God in poverty was in a manger laid,

We’ll never see the Son of God unless He gives us aid,

But a wounded hand He stretches out, and calls us to be saved.

The inn was overflowing, no room, not even a bed,

There’s now so many lonely, and in poverty t’is said,

I hope to see, this Christmas, those poor folk being fed.

O Lord recall that manger, and give them daily bread.

This Christmas I must show my love more than I’ve shown before,

For God has shown His love to me, for all my sins He bore.

Let’s look beyond the stable, to the tomb with open door,

And know His love will keep us now, and on for evermore.

The stable has a message, His hand held out to save,

For Jesus Christ was born to die, and rise up from the grave,

His hand is now stretched out to you from that empty open cave,

Believe in Him, and walk with Him, Have courage, and be brave.

So see beyond the tinsel and the lighted Christmas Tree,

Beyond the cards and wishes, that come to you and me.

Tell others “It’s His Birthday” and love them happily,

And show your love to God above, now and eternally.

( Poem By Gerald Gossage)

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