The Right Way

The elderly couple who live just across the way from us invited some friends we both knew, to stay with them for a few days. When they came to leave they brought out a map to find how to get to the next part of the holiday.

The couple who knew the way so well started to tell them the best way, and even drew a little map of the roads to take as they came to them.

A week or so after the visit the elderly couple had a phone call from their visitors to thank them for their hospitality. They also mentioned that the husband driving, had taken a right turn when he should have gone straight on. After leaving them, and they had got lost and found themselves in a town miles away.

In spite of all the guides and advice, how easy it is to go the wrong way, both on our roads, and on our way through life. It brought back to me a lesson I learned as a child . My Mother once said “ If you love Mummy you will always try to please her and do as you are told”. It somehow got linked up with a Bible passage ; Jesus said “If you love me you will keep my commandments”.

No one doubts that God, who knows everything, knows the way we should go in life, and I have always found that the way He directs for us is the happy and best way to live.

It seems to be part of our nature to think that we know best in every circumstance, but how could that be when we don’t know what may happen within the next minute, without thinking we can guide ourselves through the next part of the future.

JESUS SAID “Without Me you can do nothing”. So why do we think we can run our life without Him, why not ask for His guidance, or spend our life walking with Him through every situation ?

If you spend this life going His way you are bound to please Him and do what is right. You will also be an inheritor of the wonderful life to come.

Greetings from Gerald Gossage

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