No Doubt!

This morning I turned on my radio for the news, and I caught a conversation between two men who were representing religious education in schools, and to my amazement they said that the most important part was to question whether there was a god at all.

How can these men, or anyone, doubt the existence of God . One has only to see the beauty of the world God has created, the design of all creatures and how they fit in like a jigsaw puzzle one to another. A mind at work in the largest to the smallest creature.

Could you design and make a flea or ant, or the invisible creatures living in a glass of water? Could you make and control the universe ? God can !

I know God! I have known Him for over 70 years, I talk to Him everyday, and He often talks to me, as He speaks through my mind, and I know His voice. His conversations are always friendly, even when He tells me off, or corrects me. Don’t ask me how, but I always know when He smiles at me.

It was God who called me to be His Minister, and I have been directed to various church fellowships through my life, and known that it was He who has always told me where to go and what to do. I have seen Him perform many miracles, so many that I have written a book about some of them, because I want people to know how great He is.

You might say What about man, fighting, warring ,breaking every rule, not a very good example. Well human beings are special, in that they have the potential to live forever in God’s new Kingdom, Heaven. Not because they are good, or better than others, but because they believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, loved them so much that He gave His life and died for them, Then they get into a close relationship with Him now here in this life, in spite of the temptations the life here offers. This world is just a testing ground.

Many doubters have prayed “Lord God if you are real, and there come and help me believe, and change my life”. I have yet to know of anyone who sincerely called on God like that and failed to find Him.

Yes, I know God, and have enjoyed His company over many years. Daily I walk with Him and talk to Him, and I look forward to being in His Wonderful Kingdom for ever and ever soon.

The whole reason for you being here is to find and know the God who made you and loves you. This old world has nothing in comparison.

“Seek The Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near”.

Christian Love from Gerald Gossage.

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