The Believer’s Sure Future

If you have committed your life to Jesus Christ you can rejoice as you look to the future. I know this, millions of others know it, Isaac Watts (1674 to 1748) knew it; and he wrote this hymn that so many people have loved ever since.

“There IS a land of pure delight, where saints immortal reign,

Infinite day excludes the night and pleasures banish pain.

There everlasting Spring abides, and never withering flowers;

Death, like a narrow sea divides this heavenly land from ours.

Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood stand dressed in living green;

So to the Jews old Canaan stood while Jordan rolled between..”

He was concerned about Christians who might have doubts, and miss such joy . So he wrote :-

But timorous mortals start and shrink to cross this narrow sea,

And linger shivering on the bank, and fear to launch away.

O could we make our doubts remove , those gloomy doubts that rise,

And see the Canaan that we love with unbeclouded eyes..”

I feel that Christians should stop bothering about the things of this world with all it’s fuss and worry. And look more to the future, to Heaven where we spend, not just a few years as here, but a wonderful life for ever and ever.

As far as this life here is concerned we have a wonderful God who has promised to “Be with you always” .Has said that as He looks after the flowers of the field and birds of the air, so He will look after you. You are of more value than many sparrows !

Just Trust God for each day, He knows how to care for you and where He wants to lead you. There is nothing He cannot do for you, put yourself firmly into His hands.

Think more of Heaven where God is seated on His throne, and Jesus seated at His right hand, and all the power of The Spirit available to all believers.

There is much happiness looking forward as you walk with Our Lord, There is much He can share with you about Heaven, it’s His home, and the Bible can tell you a lot about it too.

It will be great meeting each other when we get home ! Shall I see You there ? I do hope so! Gerald Gossage.

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