Just Something to Make you Think

Just two little true stories that you may apply to your own life.

Talking with the oldest inhabitant of the village a tourist was told that the old man was 104 years old. “wonderful, that is something to be proud of ! “. The old man was too deaf to hear that remark, but the man standing next to them said “ That’s nothing to be proud of when you stop to remember that he has never done anything else in his life but grow old, and it’s taken him a jolly long time to do even that ! “

Your age doesn’t matter, it is what you do with your life.

In 1943 a pretty young girl walked past farmer Polling’s garden and gave him a lovely smile. Now everyone in the province of Groningen, Holland shunned Farmer Polling because he had an ugly mutilated face that everyone hated to look at, or to talk to him, which made his life an unhappy misery.

When Farmer Polling died and his will was read people found out that he had taken the trouble to find out who that young lady was, and had left her, Tini Wierings, 100,000 guilders (about £15,000) as she was the only person who had ever smiled so sweetly at him.

(Jesus said “who ever gives a cup of cold water in my name does not lose their reward”.

Life’s profit and losses will one day be read out to us from God’s book of our life here on earth, it is now that your book is being made.

“Without Me” said Jesus “You can do nothing” . Better talk to Him about your life’s book contents. (Gerald Gossage)

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