Death, They Get it Wrong!

She was a dear little old lady, but rather short sighted. She looked at the newsboard outside the paper shop, one day in 1943 when news of the war was so important, but try as she did she could not read what it said. Turning to a passing man she asked “ Please can you tell me what it says? “.

“Of course madam” he replied “ It says -Enemy Italians Driven Back In Tunisia”

“The very idea, “ the old woman snapped indignantly, “but so like the British, The Italians would not have done that to our boys”.

“Done What” the man asked?”

“Driven the enemy back” the old lady said “They would have made them walk, and we ought to have made those Italians walk too”.

We used to call that “Getting the wrong end of the stick”; And most people can get the wrong idea of quite important things sometimes. I have just been watching t/v news where on the tragic death of some children the place where it happened was piled up with not only flowers, but teddy bears and toys. I just cannot work out the thinking behind this. Wanting to express ones deep sympathy I understand, But it makes me think of the Kings of Egypt who filled their tombs with food, treasures, and even a boat to take them to the other world.

Our Great Creator God who made each one of us in love and put us into this world at the time and place of His choosing, He is the one who decides the length of out stay and just how we will be tested to see how we might fit into His eternal Kingdom. It is His decision as to what trials we have to undergo and how long we will live. The Bible says that there is a gulf between this physical world and the Spiritual world of Heaven. There is no way for us to cross this gulf either with food, valuables or even Teddy Bears. Our love and sympathy has no such barrier, and it is right to express such.

Perhaps this little incident out of the past may help.

Sir John Rainsford once came before the first Queen Elizabeth at a time when she was considering the fate of certain prisoners. Sir John said while you are talking of these prisoners there are four that I would urge Your Majesty to consider;

“Who are these” she asked

“Madam” he replied “they are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John who have long been imprisoned in the Latin tongue, and would now desire that they might be free to go among the people of England”.

Britain soon got the King James version in English.

Out of our emotions, love and sympathy we should try to do something practical,

To write, or communicate to the help of others, perhaps to visit, email, or send our flowers and message to those who are going through a tough time due to the event.

To share your feelings with God about the ones who have died is right, but it is to the living we should show our care and feelings. Some bereaved people have said how lonely they feel and even that others avoid them not knowing what to say. A hand, an arm or just to sit with someone does not require words. It is people and company that can help the sad and shocked, real friends like you. If you have doubt about this you could just phone and ask if you may call or even share a prayer with them. It is all practical personal, and real love shown where it is needed.You have your feelings which are natural, but get your thinking right, and do – be practical.

God Bless you…

Gerald Gossage.

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