Death, They Get it Wrong!

She was a dear little old lady, but rather short sighted. She looked at the newsboard outside the paper shop, one day in 1943 when news of the war was so important, but try as she did she could not read what it said. Turning to a passing man she asked “ Please can you tell me what it says? “.

“Of course madam” he replied “ It says -Enemy Italians Driven Back In Tunisia”

“The very idea, “ the old woman snapped indignantly, “but so like the British, The Italians would not have done that to our boys”. Continue reading “Death, They Get it Wrong!”

Just Something to Make you Think

Just two little true stories that you may apply to your own life.

Talking with the oldest inhabitant of the village a tourist was told that the old man was 104 years old. “wonderful, that is something to be proud of ! “. The old man was too deaf to hear that remark, but the man standing next to them said “ That’s nothing to be proud of when you stop to remember that he has never done anything else in his life but grow old, and it’s taken him a jolly long time to do even that ! “

Your age doesn’t matter, it is what you do with your life. Continue reading “Just Something to Make you Think”

How to Find Joy

As a child we used to have an Aunt and Uncle visit us with their daughter Jean, and they always arrived on the local 2pm bus. We all enjoyed the Sunday visit, but there was one snag, they didn’t leave early enough for us to get to church on time for the evening service. My Father decided to tell them, with great care not to offend, he pointed out that they wanted to go to the 6 o clock worship. And often had to miss it because their stay was after 5-30 some times.

Aunty Dorothy said she had never heard of people WANTING to go to Church, and as they were not wanted they would stop coming. Uncle, wanting to smooth the situation, asked if we still wanted them to come if they left early enough for us to attend the worship. A happy agreement was reached, and all was well.Often our wrong thinking, or upsetting words can bring unhappiness. Continue reading “How to Find Joy”

Explanation and Apology

Some of you may be wondering why I have not written contributions here recently.

For some years I have always thought that I must try to provide for my wife who I felt was sure to outlive me, as I was ten years older than she was, she was much more healthy than I, and in any case women lived longer than men, I was sure I would die first.

It has been a great shock to me when after a very short illness my wife died suddenly in June. On the 59th celebration of our wedding anniversary. I lost my most precious possession, my greatest earthly love. At 88 years old I must learn to live on my own. It will not be easy.

There must be many people like me. Pray for the lonely, and the brieved.

Gerald Gossage.

The Right Way

The elderly couple who live just across the way from us invited some friends we both knew, to stay with them for a few days. When they came to leave they brought out a map to find how to get to the next part of the holiday.

The couple who knew the way so well started to tell them the best way, and even drew a little map of the roads to take as they came to them.

A week or so after the visit the elderly couple had a phone call from their visitors to thank them for their hospitality. They also mentioned that the husband driving, had taken a right turn when he should have gone straight on. After leaving them, and they had got lost and found themselves in a town miles away. Continue reading “The Right Way”