How to Find Joy

As a child we used to have an Aunt and Uncle visit us with their daughter Jean, and they always arrived on the local 2pm bus. We all enjoyed the Sunday visit, but there was one snag, they didn’t leave early enough for us to get to church on time for the evening service. My Father decided to tell them, with great care not to offend, he pointed out that they wanted to go to the 6 o clock worship. And often had to miss it because their stay was after 5-30 some times.

Aunty Dorothy said she had never heard of people WANTING to go to Church, and as they were not wanted they would stop coming. Uncle, wanting to smooth the situation, asked if we still wanted them to come if they left early enough for us to attend the worship. A happy agreement was reached, and all was well.Often our wrong thinking, or upsetting words can bring unhappiness.

We all need JOY. What is joy ? perhaps it is – Experiencing Delight, and Happiness. Well being !

Here is some thoughts upon Finding Joy.

Your THOUGHTS are often responsible for your mood. So Think Good and Godly thoughts, And never evil or sad thoughts.

Find your right place in life and enjoy it. Don’t envy others, be contented with what you have, and count your blessings with thanks.

Learn the value of

REST. Relaxation, Play, and Exercise. It is a way of gaining strength.

Eat and drink with joy and praise to God. So many meals have lost the art of taste with joy. Early Monks ate with one brother reading helpful Bible thoughts to go with the meal.

DON’T PARK.. which means don’t stay there …with your failures. Your defeats. Your inabilities. Your regrets. Your past sins.

And Don’t park by your successes and triumphs either.

This is the day The Lord has given you, use it as best possible.A river never stops moving forward; and it grows because of it.

LOVE all the time. God is love. Love is the greatest quality we have.

Fall in love, and stay in love – With Jesus, with people, with your life’s companion, and with Life.

Keep your vision clear. You can’t be optimistic with a misty optic See the beauty and the best in all around you.

Expect great things, and share great things.

Throw the dark clouds of your life in the dustbin (trash can or garbage for those in the USA)

And live in the light of God’s Presence

You will start to find JOY.

Always seeking to be helpful….Gerald Gossage.

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