A Christmas Poem

The Inn at Bethlehem

Husbands can be such a draw back

( A gossiping Inn Keepers wife , spoken rather loudly, as if to a neighbor. )

My husband will never be rich or famous, he’s too soft hearted,

He’s the living proof of “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

A heart-rending story and he’d give his bed away,

Here ! To show I’m not lying, take what happened yesterday.

We run this Inn for profit, right ? We’re packed , five to a room,

I was serving lunches, he was playing stable-groom,

When walks this young couple, She was pretty near her time:

I simply said “we have no room” you’d think it was a crime.

“My dear, you can’t turn folk like that away”, my husband whined,

“And her in that condition, it would be most unkind” .

I just turned my back on him and served at the next table :

Later on I learned he’d put them in our Stable !

He took out food and drink to them , all at no extra cost.

The blankets came from his own bed, I bet he turned and tossed !

I’m up at five each morning to get the fires lit,

We’re not in bed till nearly two, there’s not much time to sit.

But last night, would you believe it . he hardly slept at all

He was playing midwife in the stable . Oh he’s such a fool.

He let those thieving shepherds in “To see the little baby” .

He says he feels just wonderful. Well I say that’s as may be.

But we’ll make no money out of it, our Inn’ll get no fame,

We’re not like a Jerusalem Inn with guests in Herod’s name

No nothing will ever happens in this Inn in Bethlehem

We’ll know no fame or fortune or live it up like them.

‘ Cos my husband’s too soft hearted, I wed a silly fool,

He’ll always care for others, for himself just not at all.

( I publish this early for those who have to prepare well in advance

But it is not too early to ask God to Bless your coming Celebration of Our Lord’s birth )

Gerald Gossage

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