He is Coming

As a child just old enough to be allowed out by myself, I was given permission to go to the end of the road most Sunday afternoons to meet my aunty and uncle who had made it their habit to visit us most Sundays after we had finished lunch.

I would leave far too early for their arrival, and watch for the buses, expecting them to alight from the next one, in what was a ten minute service. Although I usually waited a very long time, I always had the joy of greeting them in the end and chatting to them all the way home. For me the expectant long waiting was always worth while.

For me now I never tire of waiting, and watching the clouds of heaven for what I know will happen one day; my Lord Jesus Christ will return. It is foretold in scripture from beginning to the end that He will come again in the same way as the disciples saw Him leave when He was taken up to return to His Father.

Can you imagine? The whole world in all its busyness, people working, playing, doing good, doing evil, loving, fighting, in all sorts of situations. When suddenly there is a sound of an angel’s trumpet, and a mighty voice. The sky is filled with millions of angels who descend to awaken all those who have believed on Jesus and died ; and bring them to new life and with new spiritual bodies. And will change those living believers too, who are taken up to meet with Christ we see in the air.. to be forever with their Lord.

Two men working together, one is taken and one left. Two women talking when one is taken and the other left. Two in a bed, suddenly the bed is half empty !

What a mess the world will be in when so many are missing, and only unbelievers left, What tears and regrets , and what evil will be rife.

But what joy will be experienced in Heaven with the God of Love as our ruler, what a strange new world to explore and everyone we meet a loving new friend, what feasting and honor will be our experience. And it is for ever and ever,

I have made my choice for I have given my life to my Jesus, The ticket to eternal life is free and I walk with Him through this world now and look forward to walking with Him when the saints go marching in to Heaven,

“Seek The Lord while He may be found” ,

Sincerely yours Gerald Gossage.

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