Many years ago I saw a Russian poster showing military aircraft roaring into the sky with words which conveyed the message “We have sent out into space and can confirm that we have found no trace of heaven or a god. If we ever found such we would blast it out of the sky”.

I remember laughing at the ignorance of such an idea, but there is still much ignorance of Heaven today so let me shed a little light on to the subject.

I start with the Bible statements “God Is Spirit” , and “God made man in His own Image” This means that the real You is a spirit , I am not talking about your body which started out as a small baby and constantly changes with time and use, nor what you look like as changes take place. The real you may develop with knowledge and experience but you will know that You are You and no one else, You live within the confines of a physical body in a physical world.

The Great Creator has the power to remove you from the restrictions of a physical body and your body then dies, but the real you can still live. What happens to you after death is still largely a mystery. But when Jesus was dying on the cross He did say to the repentant thief who was also dying, “Today You will be with me in Paradise .” (which might mean “a beautiful garden, or place of rest”)

God’s Word tells us that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and that He will return again to take us there. This we call Heaven.

What is Heaven like ? Well here are a few things. There is no pain or sorrow there , no tears and no death. All our needs are supplied, so no buying and selling or advertising needed. No bills coming in -no worrying. As God is the light, so like the day light we know no lights are needed. There is no night there. No hatred or war, for Our God of Peace Reigns over all. We shall all live in love and happiness.

The Bible tells of many delights and mysteries, but like a child’s Christmas stocking the joy will be in finding all the wonderful things ourselves. And seeing our Father, our Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, And showing them our love and true worship.

I look forward to leaving this imperfect world and restrictive body but I appreciate that we all must be tested here to see if we could fit into God’s wonderful Heaven .

Without Jesus with us we cannot do what He wants of us in this world, so believe and trust in Him now, talk to Him, love Him, and you will come to know you are on your way to Heaven with all it’s joy . to be with Him for ever.

I hope I’ll see you there…… Gerald Gossage.

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