“L” Plates

As a Minister I worked to a plan so that I visited my church members twice a year. Not only did I find this a help to those visited, but also a help to myself.

On one occasion I asked each member what version of the Bible they used and also asked if I could see their Bible . Some knew exactly what version they had: they might reply “RSV, or Good News, etc “. Others could not remember ! Some went straight to where their bible was , bedroom, book case, and one even the kitchen table. There were some who could not remember where they put it ! It always started a helpful discussion, and I learned some interesting things about the needs of each person.

As a youth I had learned that a disciple was a learner. I thought of them as wearing an ‘L’ Plate. An apostle was one who lived close to Jesus and found out many of the ways of God. They had passed their exams but never stopped learning. Christians are much the same today, they are often found to be a mixture of disciples and apostles. Some sadly it seemed have even stopped learning !

I once had a lovely group of young people who were making great strides towards becoming Christians, when their parents stopped their development in my church, and insisted that as they were christened as a baby at the C of E they must now be confirmed. After this happened they never attended either church saying that they were now Christians for life and they could forget church going and Bible reading.

Today we live in a country that had once had a practicing Christian population, as I remember from pre-war days. Today most people do not know God, never learned about Him or His way to live, and the future generation are mostly not being taught at all. .

Christians need to practice their faith by regular daily devotions and Bible study, To be learning and worshiping together with other fellow Christians, ( if they can find a suitable group) And to practice what they have learned and believe in the world in which they are called to live .

All that you are, and all that you have, is a stewardship to God, and one day we will be judged on what we did with that stewardship of time, treasure, and talent. This seems to be the only opportunity you have got. Get Back To Your Maker-God .His arms are open to welcome you, now.

Greetings from Gerald Gossage.

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