Fitting Things Together

Little children are often given something to play with which is really just a box with different shaped holes in the top, and a number of shaped pieces which are made to fit through the holes, and into the box.

When they see another person put each piece into the right hole, The square into the square hole, star shape into the star hole, and so on, it looks easy and they want to have a go,  And they fail to do it. They just haven’t understood the rules, they expect it to work when doing it their way.

Life can be like that, and it causes frustration which never works. We just want to hit out at something, to show anger, throw something, kick a chair !  We can hurt ourselves, but it does not achieve the satisfaction  of  doing what we wanted to do.

The child has to learn that only the diamond shape will go through the diamond hole, and when he has learned it he is overjoyed at doing it right again and again.

How does a child learn ?  By being shown by someone who knows and helps to understand. Someone who encourages.  (The essentials of any teacher)

I remember that when I left school I had little to offer employers and did not know what work I could do.  I believed that God had made me for some purpose but I could not find out what that was. So I did almost every kind of employment I could find, but soon found out that each occupation was not the right one for me.  This went on for some years, and not only was I frustrated but my parents also. My prayers were not answered it seemed. I knew what I wanted to do but thought it quite impossible to do.

Like a child I was pushing and hitting pieces to get them to go through holes they would never go through, Instead of learning the only way that was right according the makers instructions.  When I stopped doing it my way, and did it God’s way, everything went easily much to my happiness. And I have done all things His Way ever since, and it works !

If you are not very happy with the way things are going in your life, may be it’s because you are doing things your way. And you are so inexperienced in running life you are not making a good job of it.

Consider this :-  God planned your life, and made you just the way He wanted you. God has seen the lives of billions of folk like you, and know better than you do the best way for you to go. God loves you more than anyone else has ever done, and He yearns to lead you His way.  Who is better at running your life than God.

But He won’t push you or make you do anything. He gives you free will to go to Him and ask.  Ask Him to take over your life and guide you. It may not always be the way you would prefer, but it will always be the best for you.

“Ask the Saviour to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you, He is will to help you, He Will carry you through”

Helpfully yours   Gerald Gossage.

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