Teacher Teaches the Point

The teacher ‘s eye roamed the class looking for the brightest, “Ah !  Watson” “Sir”“Tell me,  What Is A Line ?”,  The boy gave an answer, but it did not satisfy the teacher, he went to the next boy, and then the next, until he had covered the class.

“I will give you a definition you should never forget” , the teacher called. Picking up a piece of chalk he drew on the blackboard a lovely bird.

<strong> “A Line Is The Path of A Point”</strong>  “Whatever you use, chalk,  pen, pencil, finger. You start with a point. In whatever direction you go,  up, down, east, west, Circle or straight. You have  a Line. “A line is the path of a point”

Ministers are regularly required to lead people to God’s throne of Grace in worship, and the whole act of worship is centred on the sermon.  This all has to come by the leading of The Holy Spirit, so after much prayer and thinking it through the guidance comes.            One day I was sitting in my study, and I had been given a bible text, but that was as far as I could get. The text was “What is your life”, I had thought of  “Like a vapour” coming, then going, but ‘No’ that was not it.

Then I remembered the teacher “What is a line ?” Alter one letter and you have “What is a life”  <strong>What Is Your Life ?</strong>

<strong>            </strong>You may think of your past life. But we made so many mistakes, and it is all gone anyway. You can never go back, what’s done is done. No that is not my life.  The Future, that’s the thing.   Is it ?  I don’t know what my future is, I may not even have a future. “No” that is not my life.

<strong>Your Life Is This Starting Point.</strong> Now is  the time, Now is the day of salvation. Not what you were, not what you might be, but in this starting point. Now.  Like the chalk point on the blackboard you can make something beautiful, like a bird from this point, now.

But you might say to me it was the skill of the teacher that made a beautiful bird. And you are right. It depends on who holds you as to where you go from this moment. Countless people have placed their life into the hand of God, and their lives are just beautiful,  and will be forever.

What is your life ?  Your life is this starting point !   Now !

Oh what you might be if your friend Jesus was holding you all the time.

Christian love to you,  from Gerald Gossage

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