Don’t Copy the Behaviour and Customs of This World

“Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world”.    (Romans 12 v2)

Those who make money their god, bank on everybody breaking this rule.

The fashion world and the cosmetic industry believe that what they create will be ‘the done fashion’ that everyone will want to copy. It is known as the herd instinct.and it relies on people wanting to have what is the latest. and what everyone else has.

Here is where I put my foot in it, but I don’t mean to be rude, or what the modern world calls ‘sexist’. But I believe that the ladies are more inclined to be pushed toward buying items because it is the fashion, more than men. This is because catalogues have two- thirds or more of their pages devoted to clothing cosmetics, and home items and that interests women, The television adverts are mostly aimed at women. I have yet to see men walking the fashion cat walk !

One day the makers of men’s-ware will wake up to the fact that men are only allowed blue, brown, and grey, and kept from buying nice bright clothing, then perhaps the male will join the ladies ! (remember the men of the eighteenth century ! How would I look in silks and a powdered wig ?) No thank you ! but a red, orange or yellow suit ? Being fair, if men see a new tool, or electrical piece of equipment they will be just as interested as the lady discussing the length of skirt, or latest shoes.

I recon that there will be more houses with outside colored lights displayed next Christmas than ever before in this country, Why? The Americans do it and we have seen them on t/v, and irrespective of the waste of power, money, and having nothing to do with the celebration of Christ’s birth, many will try to outdo their neighbor with Walt Disney type illuminated items.

I look forward to celebrations with all their fun, and I always like to dress neatly, but I won’t follow the crowd, I am ME not someone else, so I won’t copy the behaviour of the world around me. Let the person we are be the attraction.

I have given myself over to the most wonderful person there is, My Lord Jesus, But I am not required to dress as He did. But I do want my character to be like His – shining through to others.

How can I ignore the world and it’s demands to do what seems the done thing ? How can I be what God wants me to be ? The Bible says “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Think differently !

Train your mind to be what God made you to be. That will be different from everyone else, the wonderful real you. Approved by God and living in His perfect will.

Don’t try to copy others, or go with the crowd, be ” in the world but not of it”

Look to Jesus and let Him make you the great person you really are.

Love from Gerald Gossage.

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