Finding Success

Some young people are not at all sure what they should do with their life. Some older ones are facing being redundant and wonder just what they can do in future. It is useful to remember that God did not just make you and leave you to your own devises. And I offer a bit of advise, to help, based on what has worked for others; and a story that may inspire you.

Ask yourself what you are good at doing, and also what you enjoy doing. God has given all of us talents, even though we might not have ever used some of them. Where do your interests lie ? Some folk would just hate to do some things which others would think just wonderful. So don’t start with a list of jobs, start with You and what are your delights; if you are happy at doing, or trying something you may find this your road to success.

And now the story. A twenty-one year old man was keen to start a new, and to him, a wonderful new work . He moved to Chicago with only 65 dollars in his pocket. (under £25.) For three years he worked hard, but he sat down one day, deeply in debt and ready to give up his dream. He cried out “Why am I a failure ?”. and to his amazement, he heard a voice, as in his head say “You have not brought God into your business”.

For the rest of his life he believed it was God speaking to him that day, and he resolved that if God wanted to be in his cheese business he would always think of him as the major partner and consult God for the rest of his days. That man was J.L.Kraft, the eventual head of the biggest cheese business in the world

He became a Deacon at North Shore Baptist Church, and Sunday School Superintendent. And the vast wealth he made, was given to help many through his charitable works. As a popular speaker, especially to business conferences , always he would tell his listeners that the way to success in any work was to bring Jesus Christ into life and work.

You either trust in God to work with you, or you work on your own. To take your Lord with you all day, every day becomes the greatest delight of life, and is the true road to happiness in life.

“I Can do All things through Christ who strengths me .” (Philippians Ch4 v13)

May God Bless you. Gerald Gossage.

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