Every Day is of Priceless Value

“The daughter of Pharaoh came down to the river to bathe.”

Every one of us has a set number of days to live here in this world, and nobody knows how many. Therefore every day is precious, and we can never know what we may achieve in this day.

The text above is from Exodus Ch 1.v22. and Hebrews Ch 11 v23 and tells us that a young woman went to have a bath in the river, could there be anything of less importance, yet that one act was to effect the lives of millions. And to alter the whole of history.

Pharaoh, King of Egypt, had made God’s people (called Hebrews) to be slaves in Egypt, with taskmasters to whip them and ill treat them; But he saw that their numbers still grew and he feared they might revolt and rise up against Egypt, so he made a new law that all boys born to the Hebrews should be cast into the river.

A baby boy was born to one couple, and they kept him alive for three months, but they knew that once he was discovered, the soldiers of Egypt would drown him. So the parents had a plan; they made a basket big enough to put the baby in, covered it with pitch to keep the water out, and launched the basket into the river with the baby inside. The baby’s sister kept watch from the bank to see what would happen to it.

“The daughter of Pharaoh came down to the river to bathe”. She found the basket, took the baby out and made it her own, calling him Moses. But God’s miracle did not stop there. The baby’s sister went to Pharaoh’s daughter and said that she knew of a woman who would nurse the baby for her, and the baby’s own mother became the one who nursed Moses, and got paid for doing it!

When Moses grew up he knew everything about the people who ruled Egypt and could be the best person to deliver his own Hebrew Nation out of their slavery, for God had made him just for such a task. God’s Word tells us that before God made the universe He planned it so perfectly that every person He made would have a planned life to fit the talents and abilities He placed within them, so that if they obeyed His rules they would live a life pleasing to Him (the maker) and be able to live with Him after this testing period of life was over.

Later in the story of Moses we say that he did not want to do what God had planned for him to do. He made excuses, which show how God gives people free will. But God said “Just trust Me for I will be with you” and Moses was persuaded.

Moses never found the job easy, and it took longer than he thought; But the day came when Moses headed the whole nation of God’s people out of Egypt and slavery, and toward a new land.

I have spent my whole long life obeying and serving God. There have been times when I did not want to do what He was telling me to do, but like Moses I did it trusting that God knew what He was doing and I trusted Him. I have to say that He has never failed me. I learned to tackle each task believing that He knew where He was leading, and all I had to do was to follow. It has been a though life, but a great and wonderful one.

Each day that you live you will be like a broadcasting station, constantly giving out signals. People know the kind of person you are, they hear what you say, they see your smile, you leave an impression on those you contact. Even in very ordinary things. Like the daughter of Pharaoh, God can work His purpose out through you. Every Day can be one Of Priceless Value.

Remember what Jesus said “I am with you always, even unto the end.”

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