A Story From My Childhood

If I needed to learn a lesson my Mother very often told me a story, and made me draw the conclusion. Just what I had done to make her tell me this story I have no idea, but this is what she said.

In Holland they have dykes to hold back the water which would otherwise flood the land and villages, and one day a little boy noticed that there was a small hole in the dyke and water was dripping through.

The boy at first put his finger tip onto the leak and stopped it.  Very soon the water started to run out around his finger, so he pushed his whole finger in, and it stopped, but only for a little while, and it started pouring out all around his finger.

He tried placing his hand over the leak but this only made the water pour out more so he trusted his clenched fist into the hole. This seemed to work, but not for long. Suddenly his fist was forced out, and he was hit by a great torrent of water which knocked him over and swept him away. I suppose I was expected to learn that little sins will grow into big ones and finally overcome us.

I am told that I said that the little boy could not have done anything by himself, and should have shouted and run for the help of some grown-ups.(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) (But I did find a friend in Jesus to run to).

I have loaned quite a few books in my time but many people have not returned them to me.  Have you ever received a letter where the stamp has missed the franking. and steamed the stamp off to use it on another letter ? (I hear the shouts of “NO” from here)

Have you ever told a white lie ?  (lies do not have colour)  Have you ever been late for work or early leaving, stealing time?  Taken some small item from work… saying “only a pencil !  only rubber bands !

You would not steal money from a purse or pocket, but what about too much change given for something we bought ?   And what about blackening another’s character.  (well we never liked him anyway, his eyes are too close together)

The number of folk who take the name of the Lord our God in vain, as seen on tv.(Oh God they say) (and worse?) And while we hate swearing, and would never swear ourselves, do we use other words to express our anger, or surprise ?  (Gosh, lord No)  We are all a people who have to listen to these things especially on t/v. perhaps we should watch what we say and write, and what we do.

I remember once saying how wonderful a Video Camera was, as a friend used one,. he turned and said, “You better watch yourself, there is probably an Angel pointing one at you all the time. Recording all you say and do.”   One day we shall have to face God who has the record of everything we have done and said here in this world. Saying sorry is not enough, we must put our life in order now, Or and as my Mother would say to me “Don’t do it again !”

Greetings from Gerald Gossage

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