You Do Make a Difference

I In our young days before we were married, my wife and I used to attend all the concerts given by The London Emmanuel Choir, we enjoyed their singing so much.

During our first visit Audrey turned to me and said “I do like watching one of these girls in particular”. I said “Would it be that girl in the third row back, about three from the centre right ?” “Yes that’s the one, you noticed her too ? “ “Yes, she just radiates her joyous Christianity and love for what she is singing doesn’t she ! “. One out of a hundred and fifty stood out more than the rest, although they all had a smile and looked happy.

It is true that God made everyone of us different, and we all have different talents. But perhaps we don’t all make the most of what we have got.

I remember a large hospital ward for men. One man was well enough to be given permission to walk about the ward although he was a rather sombre man and said very little to anyone, he was watching a young nurse who was dealing with a man who was dying. Everyone loved this young nurse because she was such an outstanding person, efficient, gentle, and considerate with a radiant personality.

After watching her for a little while the walking man said in a voice that everyone could hear “ Nurse ! Do you know, if I was so ill that the doctor told me that I was going to die, and you were the one looking after me, well… I just wouldn’t obey the doctor, I wouldn’t die”.

Other people see us, as perhaps we do not see ourselves. In one of my churches I had someone who was just about the biggest misery I had known, she repeated her troubles over and over again to everyone she met, and me in particular.

One day I saw her coming down the street towards me, and naughty though it was, I ran into the nearby shop and hid behind the fixtures until she had gone by.

Do You repel or attract others ? What do people see when they look at you ? Do you use what talents God has given you and develop them, or have you buried them and nobody knows you have them, because you never show them.

The Bible says that one day we shall stand before God and be judged by what we did with what we were given. Are You the very best that you can be for Him and His Kingdom ? What you do for others you do for Jesus.

Happy Greetings from Gerald Gossage.

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