A Lost Piece of History

I found this bit out of a piece of history about 150 years ago when people did not speak to the upper class, they just bowed.

It seemed that a poor farmer was taking a large sack of corn to the mill, when it slipped from the horses back and landed in the road. It was too weighty for the farmer lift by himself, so he decided to wait, maybe some one might come along on this rather lonely road and help him.

After a little time a man came riding his way, but as the man drew near he was disappointed to see who it was. It was the Lord of The Manor, who owned all the land and cottages for miles around. The farmer prepared to bow before him. He wouldn’t dare speak.

The Nobleman dismounted from his horse and, walking up to the farmer he said “I see that you have a problem, take hold of your end of the sack” With this his Lordship took hold of the two corners of his end, and together they lifted the sack back onto the farmers horse.

The farmer took hold of his forelock in humility, saying “My noble Lord how can I thank you, or repay you”.

“By remembering” said the lord “That all people must help others, so you must do the same”.

There are some who think that Almighty God, who made the universe, is too great to receive their prayers. Or to bother with small requests. They should know that God made them, He loves them more than anyone else, He has planned their life, and wants them to walk with Him always through this life in close companionship. There are those who limit what God can do by their lack of faith in Him.

After a Healing Service I gathered with the crowd after. to hear one man say to another. “I went forward for the prayer and laying on of hands, but I doubt if it will make any difference to my trouble”.

“Let not that man think he will receive anything from The Lord” .I remember reading

Remember this hymn ? – What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

Greeting from Gerald Gossage.

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