Where your Heart is

An American Indian decided to journey to New York to visit a friend whom he had not seen for a very long time. He had never seen a city in his life, but he made the trip, and was shown around New York by the friend.

As the Indian stood in the centre of the busy city he suddenly said to his friend, “I hear a cricket ! “. “ You won’t hear a cricket here” was the reply. “But I do, I hear a cricket”. “ You mean your thoughts are of your homeland “said the friend. “ NO I can hear a cricket “ .

“This is New York, there are no crickets in New York”. But the Indian persisted he could hear one. “Look” said the friend, “ Around us is the roar of traffic, there are aircraft flying over head, there are hundreds of people tramping on the sidewalks, there is the chatter of the crowd all talking around about us, If there was a cricket you would never hear it with all this noise ! “.

“I tell you, I can hear a cricket, and it is over there, if we can get across to that building over there I’ll prove it to you”. They got to the building, outside which were two large concrete pots with plants growing in them. “He’s in this one” said the Indian as he ran his hands into the plants and soil. In no time he came up with a hand full of soil and there was the cricket. “ Nice little fellow isn’t he” .

The friend was amazed “How could you do that ?” ”It is easy to understand “ the Indian said, let me show you. He took from his trouser pocket a hand full of coins, I am going to drop these, but don’t watch me or the coins hitting the pavement, watch this crowd of people, and what happens to them.

As the coins hit the floor all the people around stopped whatever they were doing and looked toward the sound of the dropped money, “They will go on looking until I have picked up the last one “ he said. “For where your main interests are your heart will be . They are all interested in money”. “My life has been in the things of nature and peace”.

Have you not noticed that most folk have interests that differ from that of others. Pink for a little girl, blue for a boy ? Boys don’t get dolls, and a train set is not an ideal present for a girl. The ladies are all for appearances, clothing, cosmetics ? Men are interested in mechanical things, or “Boys Toys” as they are called these days. It is something to do with where our heart is.

And often it changes with the passing years. The cupboard under the stairs, attics, and sheds reveal items that were once the delight of our life, but are now of no interest to us.

We grow out of things. I have been told many times “My parents sent us to Sunday School, and we enjoyed that, but got interested in other things, Happy days but all gone now”. And that for many is life ! From the cradle to the grave life is always full of the latest interests, but strangely not many of us seem to bother about the God who made and designed our being, and who promised to be with all who will go to Him in love and loyalty to guide us to an eternity of wonders and blissful happiness.

A renewed interest in Jesus Christ will make you grow into His heart of love, a love which will never cease. Talk to Him about it, He will hear you ! And you will be Blessed !

May The Lord Bless You. from Gerald Gossage.

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