Put on God’s Armour

Ephesians – ch 6. verses 10 to 20.

The Apostle Paul was sitting in a prison cell, charged with being a Christian, and writing to his Christian friends at Ephesus. Nearing the end of the letter he wanted to leave them with a special message. Looking at the Roman soldier guarding him, he saw how the man’s uniform was made perfect for the work he was called to do. He saw also how God had given the followers of Jesus a perfect armour too. We look now at the six pieces of armour we should always have today.

The Belt of Truth. We might put this last in a list, but Paul puts it of first importance. The Roman soldier had a skirt made of strips of thick leather: without a belt he would be restricted in movement as it wrapped around his legs. The Belt splayed it outward to give freedom of movement. Truth gives us freedom; with no deceit or lies. The Belt also gives confidence, we feel its there, and like truth, know the right. We know a confidence in our God.The Belt of truth protects the gaps in the armour. (how did Saul, in the old testament, die? An arrow found its mark in the gap in his armour) . The Belt also contains Treasures. Where did the soldier put his money with no pockets? In a purse in The Belt. All that he treasured was in his belt. Surely God sees your truth as your treasure.

When one of our daughters became a nurse, my wife and I had the joy of presenting her with a beautiful buckle to go on her uniform belt. Most surely when others see your life of truthfulness, with no lies or deceit, they will see something of the beauty of your Christian Faith.

The Breastplate of Righteousness. Standing up for what is right comes from the heart, and love; we show our love to God by doing what is right in His sight. Protect your heart with this breastplate always.

Feet shod with the Gospel. A soldier cannot fight or march well if his feet are not well shod. We cannot either, if we are bothered by the rough ground of uncertainties or doubt. God has given us The Gospel as a help for our walk with Him, and to fight the good fight of faith.

The Shield of Faith. The soldier had to face a new weapon. The enemy dipped darts into tar and set them on fire and shot them at the soldier : So the shield was covered with a thick layer of leather so the flame was extinguished as it hit . The men were also trained to hold their shields above their heads when arrows rained down, and to make a wall of shields when the enemy advanced toward them. We must learn to work with fellow Christians to fight the good fight of faith. God protects you, you help others.

The Helmet of Salvation. None of us are perfect, but when we ask God for forgiveness (and mean it) And we ask Jesus to come into our life, and we welcome Him, He saves us from the consequences of our sins, and we walk with Him, now, and forever. We protect our heads with the knowledge of our salvation.

As a youngster I learned to play chess, but I lost every game until I was told “You will never win while you play a defensive game. Learn to attack” . Every soldier had a sword:-

The Sword of Faith. We Have a faith, and The Holy Spirit will train you how to use it if you will let Him. We are told to STAND, (not sit) and fight the enemy, our Faith is in God’s Word. We should be in constant conversation with Him and His word should make us active in prayer and the fight against evil..

“Soldiers of Christ arise and put your armour on”.

Greetings from Gerald Gossage.

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