You see, I loved HIM dearly, I worshiped HIM from afar. In a man, what every woman seeks is sincerely; this is Jesus. Jesus was my distant star !

I had cooked for HIM , and served HIM, I had even walked with HIM, well behind. I had washed His garments, though He had never known it

I have watched His Ministry, so loving and kind.

It broke my heart when I heard about HIS trial. And to see HIM on the cross…

I had hurried to the grave on Sunday morning;

HE was not there ! , It was such a shock !

When I saw HIM at first, I thought He was the gardener.

“Where have you taken Him”, was my cry !

HE looked at me, as though I was His partner.

“MARY ” HE breathed.

I have never known so much in one expression !


I was part of HIS creation, and HIS passion !

My heart responded to His call….. “MASTER ! “I cried, and I knew we were one.

I will go on serving, and loving you for ever, And whatever time there is to come, No power on earth or in heaven our oneness will sever.


(PS. I believe Jesus went home to prepare a place for her.)

Just a thought, “A Happy Easter”. Gerald Gossage.

(Many found last year’s Easter Poem helpful, it is still on this blog if you missed It. ) (thank you for your support) G.G. 

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