The Decision is Made Now. See it Later

This story comes from Italy. It seems that a famous church was to have a special painting done on one of it’s walls by a famous artist. Much scaffolding was erected with many polls and planks so that the artist could reach every part of the wall, and when all the preparation was done the great man arrived to do the painting.

He climbed the scaffolding and just stood looking at the wall, occasionally he would move to view it from another part, then stand looking. The next day he arrived and did just the same as he had done before. Not a brush or bit of paint he had with him. On the third day he again arrived without paint or brushes, and he did nothing but move about and look at the wall.

By now the reverend Father just had to say something. “My son, you do not seem to have even started on the painting, when are you going to do this great painting?”

“Father” said the artist “The painting is just finished, all I have to do now is put it on the wall”.

If you think about that simple story you can see a parable about your life. There was an occasion when God decided to create you, He spent an effort just thinking what sort of person He would like you to be, what would be the best generation to bring you to birth, the country you should be born in, what parents and people would influence your life.

God wanted you to have the opportunity to be in His eternal world we call heaven, there you would be perfect and beautiful, a blessing to all. Like a masterpiece painting.

God knew that you could never be perfect and beautiful yourself, Like brushes and paint. so we have God’s Son coming to live and die for you, and return from death in your place. Would you share His life and live in Him? Or be so self-centred and be out of touch with the Master who wants to transport you into His perfection.

Like the artist in the story God has made the work of art that you are already, Let God put you into His eternal place as you daily live with Him and allow Him make you what will be His Master-piece for ever in Heaven.

Sincerely yours. Gerald Gossage

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