I just sat down for a break and started getting into the detective murder mystery that was being watched. It has been with me for a couple of days now and I just cannot get rid of what I absorbed from the story. Of course it was dramatically presented, but this child suddenly hated her nanny and took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the nanny to death.

Of course that part of the story only came out as the wonderful detective investigated another few murders, all graphically shown, but I am still concerned that what I understood to be just a story for my entertainment, should still pester my mind days later as if it had been a real happening.

Our human mind is a strange and rather wonderful part of our body. It can make me rehear some delightful bit of music all over again, and although I might not be able to remember what it was called, I can delight to hear it again in my memory. In the midst of doing something I burst out laughing the other day as I remembered some funny event that had caused much laughter. Someone smiles, and we know that they are thinking of something pleasant. By the look on another’s face we can know we have said the wrong thing. Our conversation reveals what we are thinking and so we make communication between minds. The Mind, how wonderful !

The world we live in is just full of bad, wicked, and evil things. It is also full of the lovely, good, and God-Blessing things. What we reveal to our mind is very much our responsibility. I have made certain rules for myself which will protect my mind. If the T/V programme uses blasphemy or bad language, I switch it off or find another programme. We should just refuse to allow our mind to record that which we consider unhealthy to our living..

Neither should we allow our mind to dwell on things which, although troublesome we can do nothing about. I remember still after the Haiti earthquake the airport was packed with helpers and equipment to help, and planes were being told to return to wherever they came from, there was no room to land. Yet while nothing was being organized there was no help given to the dying and needy who needed help, food and water.

There is one thing I can do about it… Pray ! When I have done all I can do I must dismiss it from my mind and turn my thought to what things I should do in my daily round, to do my best.

Would you like to hear What God is saying to you about your mind ? Then here it is:-

“Fix your thoughts on what is TRUE,GOOD, and RIGHT. Think about things that are PURE and LOVELY. Dwell on the FINE and GOOD things you see in others. Things about all you can PRAISE GOD for, and be GLAD ABOUT.”

Keep putting into practice all you have learned from God, and God’s peace will be with you.

Greetings from Gerald Gossage.

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