Press Report on the Busy Christmas Innkeeper

“A Christmas Poem”

Out from the noisy kitchen came the innkeeper with a scowl,

“I can only spare a minute” – he was wiping his hands on a towel.

I asked about that morning, in the year of census time,

The babe he’d put in the stable, with the animals and grime.

He plainly wasn’t pleased to lose a moment in this way,

But with righteous indignation here’s what he had to say:

“It happened all too suddenly, Why did I have no warning?”

“How on earth was I to know He’d be my guest that morning?”

“The angels never came to me to book his room with pride,

And I was crowded out in there, He had to stay outside”.

“It wasn’t business like I say, it wasn’t properly done;

They need more help up there in heaven to get things properly run”.

“When folks are rushed right off their feet, and don’t know where to turn,

They haven’t time for babes and things, when will religion learn?”

“They say that child was God Himself and then say gloatingly,

At the inn there was no room, and they blame it onto me?”

“Alright, let them say it; but may their conscience prod,

When you’re as busy as I was then,

Have you got time for God?”

Written by Rev. Gerald Gossage

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