Not The First Fish Story We Have Heard!

“I just had to come and see you” the woman said “You told us that God was interested in every little detail of our lives, even in finding something we had dropped or lost”.

She looked away as she said

“I couldn’t accept that, my prayers were formal, and for important things only”

Then she told me this story. “I was out fishing last Thursday, and you know what a miserable day that was. For hours I sat there and I didn’t catch a thing”. “I was thinking of one thing and another when I thought of what you had said.” “More out of bravado than anything I decided to put it to the test.

I did not expect anything to come of it.” “I said, out loud, Dear Lord God, Gerald said You are interested in even small things, if that is so, just make my day and give me a bite!”.

“I could not believe it, I caught three fish, one after another. If anyone had seen me they would have thought I was mad, I found myself dancing about on the river bank praising God”.

She smiled into my face “I’ll tell you something else, my way of praying has changed completely and I feel wonderfully happy just talking to Jesus.”

I told her how pleased I was, and added “It’s not the first time He has helped disciples to catch fish”.

From Gerald Gossage.

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