Out of Control!

Although I may seem to be a calm peaceful sort of person, I am not so by nature, but I have learned to suppress feelings of upset, and by The Grace Of God I keep placid, even though I may be upset or angry. It certainly pays off as I have found in practice. I have had experience in meeting unpleasant people who have put me to the test People are one thing, but circumstances and things really do put me to the test. Early today I had a very good idea for one of these magazine articles and wanted to get it down on paper before it slipped away from me. I spent two hours typing the article on my laptop and finally finished it in triumph.

It was at that very minute that the computer decided to declare war on me. It would not do what I told it to do, and refused to save the work I had so laboriously put on the screen. I got angry with it, calling it a stupid computer, and it at once confirmed that it was just that, and blotted out every word I had written. Yes… gone forever.

I remembered that I was a Christian Minister (all be it retired) and calmed down. The next hour and three quarters I endeavored to remember what I had previously written, and finished with a not-so-good article, but passable. Would you believe it the computer gave a repeat performance and would not save my work.

I have seen people kick a chair in anger, throw something, or do a little stupid dance to express their feelings. I could have thrown the computer through the window if I had not recalled that it was double glazed. But I didn’t do anything.

When you consider how stupid it is to blame some inanimate object because either it or you have failed in something, there is not much sense in it. Anger is never logical , and it can be changed to something more pleasant.

I remember my father once came home to the gathered family feeling very upset over something. After trying to tell my mother what had made him angry, with a great gesture he took off his hat, threw it to the floor and stamped on it. We all looked at the hat, and I being the youngest said “Is it dead Dad?” Happily we all ended up laughing.

You see we can, with a little control, change our mood, and stop looking foolish or show our lack of control.. My mother’s method on such occasions was to stop and count slowly up to ten. I recommend that rather than ruin a good hat.

The fact remains that we can do much damage to our reputation, and even to other people if we lose our temper, let alone good furniture.

The real answer is to be filled with The Holy Spirit. “The fruit of The Spirit is

Love, joy, peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self control.” (Gal.5v22)

Remember ANGER is only one letter short of DANGER.,

May The Good Lord give you His Tranquility… Gerald Gossage.

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