You Have Told Me That Before!

My wife said these words to me the other day, and not for the first time. Why am I inclined to repeat things ? If my wife notices this habit and doesn’t want to hear the same things over again, may be God gets a bit fed up with our repetitions as well.

It is undoubtedly nice for all to say “The Lord’s Prayer” together, but how many of us think of what we are saying to God as we do it ? Did You mean everything you said when you last said it ? Do we think that God likes to hear us reciting what He has heard untold times throughout the ages ? Jesus taught His disciples this in answer to their request “Teach us to pray”. (Teach us how to communicate with Father as you do) Continue reading “You Have Told Me That Before!”

Put on God’s Armour

Ephesians – ch 6. verses 10 to 20.

The Apostle Paul was sitting in a prison cell, charged with being a Christian, and writing to his Christian friends at Ephesus. Nearing the end of the letter he wanted to leave them with a special message. Looking at the Roman soldier guarding him, he saw how the man’s uniform was made perfect for the work he was called to do. He saw also how God had given the followers of Jesus a perfect armour too. We look now at the six pieces of armour we should always have today. Continue reading “Put on God’s Armour”

Where your Heart is

An American Indian decided to journey to New York to visit a friend whom he had not seen for a very long time. He had never seen a city in his life, but he made the trip, and was shown around New York by the friend.

As the Indian stood in the centre of the busy city he suddenly said to his friend, “I hear a cricket ! “. “ You won’t hear a cricket here” was the reply. “But I do, I hear a cricket”. “ You mean your thoughts are of your homeland “said the friend. “ NO I can hear a cricket “ . Continue reading “Where your Heart is”



You see, I loved HIM dearly, I worshiped HIM from afar. In a man, what every woman seeks is sincerely; this is Jesus. Jesus was my distant star !

I had cooked for HIM , and served HIM, I had even walked with HIM, well behind. I had washed His garments, though He had never known it

I have watched His Ministry, so loving and kind.

It broke my heart when I heard about HIS trial. And to see HIM on the cross…

I had hurried to the grave on Sunday morning;

HE was not there ! , It was such a shock ! Continue reading “Mary!”

Ignorance to Maturity

Austin Huntley was a young boy living in Nova Scotia, His main enjoyment was playing with a group of youngsters around his own age and they got up to all kinds of things as boys will.

Occasionally they journeyed to a massive rock which they endeavoured to climb., but they had never manage to climb it all the way to the top. Austin was determined to get to the top. With an all out effort the day came when he made it all the way to the top and sat there admiring the view and eating the lunch he had brought with him.

Then his eye caught something that he just had to go and look at; Continue reading “Ignorance to Maturity”