Worship in Spirit

John Ch 4 v24. God is Spirit and only by the power of God’s Spirit can people worship Him as He really is.

I wandered lowly as a cloud that floats on high over hill and dale, and all at once I saw a crowd, a host of people worshipping God. Please forgive my miss- quotation, but I am aware that I am communicating with those who would call themselves “fellow Christians”. As such, you probably attend a place of worship at least every Sunday if not during the week as well.

We all must realize that there are many people who do not, or cannot worship with others, elderly in old folks homes, some in hospital, and many housebound, Sadly there is not much on radio or television these days as once there was, as helps to worship .So how do we worship ?

Living in the U.K.there are not many people who are far from a place of worship, but there are many parts of our world where this is not so. Also as I wander from one place of worship to another I find a vast difference from one form of worship to another. From robed priests going through a set ordered Prayer Book, to hand- waving electronic pop type music. And there are many Christians who cannot stand either because it is not their concept of God.

God has made us all different. Our upbringing and background has much to do with the way some worship, and the way we think of God does much to shaping our sincerity in worship . It is natural for us to feel that our way of worshipping God is the right way, and it probably is for us. But we must never judge or condemn how others seek and find God..

“Only by The Power of God’s Spirit can people worship Him as He really is “. Just as all of us see differences in the characters of others, so people will always see differences in The Almighty God. What concerns me is that many people do not see Him at all. There are those who attend a place of worship for years and still don’t know Him. God is Spirit, and the real you is not the body you live in but your real self which Is spirit. You are called to be one with your God, loving Him, walking with Him, worshipping Him. And looking forward to living with Him forever.

God made you in His love, He has loved you before you were born, His love for you is wonderful now, You can respond by loving Him in the same way. Have a talk with Him, and start a walk with Him, He will be with you to your journey’s end ,That’s His promise.

With Christian Love Gerald Gossage.

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