Where’s Your Target?

There are things that your friends get up to that you may never have known about. I would never have guessed that a friend of mine was interested in archery until it came out in conversation. Keen on telling me about his hobby I discovered that he had several bows, and belonged to a group who practiced every week.

He showed me how to hold a bow, but seemed very reluctant to let me use an arrow. However I wanted to “have a go” and finally shot an arrow, missing the tree I had aimed at; the arrow disappeared, and my friend was cross at the loss of his arrow. “You never shoot unless you have a proper target” he told me, and I have remembered that ever since..

As Christians sometimes we lack a “Proper Target” . It is not just going to church, Communing with God, Reading God’s Word. Turning our Faith into action.

We need to “Look where we are going”. Those who are committed to -, believe on,- the Lord Jesus Christ are on a journey to Heaven, That is your target, look to it, aim for it. This world is just a testing ground to prepare us for this our desired destination.We are only here for a short period of time, Heaven is forever and ever and so wonderful. Yet vast numbers of people are only interested in having a shoot, and they will end up hitting nothing. And loosing everything. They need a proper target, Our target is to be with Jesus now and forever.

“Forever with The Lord, Amen so let it be. Life from the dead is in that word = immortality. Here in this body penned, absent from Him I rove, yet nightly shift my moving tent a day’s march nearer Heaven.” (hymn)

Although the Bible tells us that we are made in the image of God, the real you is not your earthly body, which will be lost when we die. The real you is spirit which goes on after we die (Like “God is a Spirit” ) We shall be given a new and different body when Jesus comes back again. So Heaven is a spiritual place, it is real but does not have the disadvantages of our present world.

The Bible has lots of information about Heaven, and what it is like. No more tears, sickness or death. no need of lighting for God is light. And much else.

Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you”. We have no idea what that place will be like, but like Christmas presents I feel sure that we will be thrilled when the unwrapping takes place. Instead of the problems of this world, think about your eternal future, Heaven.

Being welcomed home by The Father, seeing Jesus, praising God in the Spirit. Being one with all the saints as your mass of friends. Oh! What a future you have before you. What a target we aim for. Forever with The Lord .

See You There…. Gerald Gossage.

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