Where is Boasting? Romans 3:27

I was only a young boy, when an aunt and uncle came to visit us, and I was sent out to play in the garden while the grown-ups did their talking. I cannot remember what I was doing, but it was important enough to me that I wanted everyone to come to the window to watch me. “Look at ME” I shouted, “Look at Me”. But they were all too busy talking, so I had to attract their attention. I picked up a stone and threw it to hit the window, too my horror the window smashed with a great crash of glass and a scream from someone inside the room.

I ran straight indoors, up the stairs, and locked myself in the bathroom. I was terrified !

I heard my father running up the stairs, and saw his efforts rattling the door handle.“Open this door” he commanded over and over again with various threats as to what he would do. My aunt had given me half-a-crown on her arrival and this I now pushed under the door. Then I heard my mother mounting the stairs. She spoke softly to dad, and all I heard was “He’s frightened, leave it to me”.

Soon my mother’s voice came through the door like a soothing calm. “Just be quiet and listen to me”. I shouted back “I’m Sorry, Sorry, I didn’t mean to break the window”. “We know you didn’t mean to, and your dad has gone down stairs to help clean up the broken glass. No one has been hurt, and we are not cross with you, so just open the door and give me a big cuddle”. After the kisses and mother’s love she said “Oh look, someone has left a half-a-crown here, you better have that”.

It is one thing for a child to learn something new and want everyone to know , with a “Look at ME !”. But it’s about time we grew up and knew that when God planned our coming into this world, He also planned what gifts and talents we would have. Also we are not born with these gifts but they are given to us at different times in our life, like birthday presents. One Christmas my wife gave me a box of oil painting equipment. I had never painted before in my life, but was determined not to waste this nice gift. Yes, the first efforts were thrown away, then I took a day off from work and really got down to doing my best. And I was very pleased with the result which still hangs on our wall, and over the years has been admired by a few visitors. It is a God given talent which has never brought anyone nearer to God, but it has relaxed me and given me a few heavenly thoughts which helps in the development of other parts of my life. “All things work together for good”.

A God-given gift I am using at present is writing helpful articles. But they would not be helpful if it were Me writing them. I pray first to ask what God wants to convey. How to illustrate, How to express what He would say to help someone who will read the message. I don’t do any thing, The Holy Spirit does it all. So how could I boast !

You will not boast if you recognise that your gifts and talents come from God, not you. You will not boast if you give all that you are, and have, into God’s hands.

As Luke 17 v10 says “When you have done everything you were told to do, say I am a servant, I have only done my duty”. If we serve Our Lord Jesus Christ don’t boast of what you have done. What do we have that was not loaned to us ?

Christian love from Gerald Gossage

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