Unusual Things from your Bible

The Bible is a place where we all discover things that intrigue and Bless us on our Christian way. You will know that the New Testament was translated from the Greek, but even that can bring us Christian Help.

Take the Greek alphabet for example, The second letter is BETH.
(Aleph (A) Beth (B) Gimel C) ABC. The letter Beth is shaped rather like a house, and that is what it means – House. There are a number of places in the Holy Land starting with the name Beth. Here are three :- Bethel, Bethlehem, Bethsaida. The Beth part is House.
Bethel = Beth means “The House of. EL is the name used for God, Bethel means “The House of God “. Remember the story of Jacob, cheating his brother of the birthright, running away from the angry brother who may be after him ? He rested his head on a stone, slept and dreamed of a ladder set up from where he was to God in heaven, with angels going up and down it. Do you recall what he thought when he woke up ?
“Surely The Lord is in this place, and I didn’t know it, This is The House of God”. and He worshipped God there, .and he became a changed man starting to walk with God, and giving a tenth of all God would give him. always The House of God is a place of worshiping God and today where we can be with like minded people and learn Christian living Bethel got it’s name from Jacob. Attending your place of worship should be where you can meet with God and you communicate with Him. Jacob-
.A sinner on the run, meeting with God, repenting and giving his life to God.
But the house of God is not always used as it should be, and today anyone can walk into God’s house without the experience of knowing God as Jacob did that day. And it is God who will judge others, not us. Later Bethel was to be the place where we believe a golden calf was set up for worship, and Jehu continued to worship the calf later there too.

Bethlehem means The House of Bread..(Bethlehem Ephrata= House of bread that is fruitful). David was born there, Ruth and Boaz resided there. And God went to great lengths to see that Jesus was born there. Did not Jesus say “I am the bread of life” (John 6v35) He is the gift from The Father to feed His people. Being in Christ means we will never go hungry.
Someone once said to me that if we could only see what was in the cupboard under the stairs or in the loft we would find countless things that once were the delight of the people living there and now no longer of interested to them. From childhood upward we want things but when we get what we thought so wonderful we soon loose interest and want something else. Always hungering for something, never satisfied.
In Jesus the bread of life we never need be hungry again. He can fill us with satisfaction.
Bethsaida means “The House of Fish” North of Jordan and near where Jesus fed over five thousand followers. and a blind man came seeing. Home to the fishermen who were called to catch men rather than fish.
After Jesus returned from the dead He met with His disciples for a cooked breakfast on the sea shore. He asked “Do you love me?” Only when you truly love Jesus and other people can He use you to “catch men” . Eating bread and fish is one thing, influencing others, needs the power of the risen Christ The Son of God. The House of God, The House of bread, The House of fish all have their message to you. Without Him you can do nothing.

God’s Blessing on you
Gerald Gossage.

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