Tales of a Master Craftsman

I have no idea of the authenticity of this story, but it seems that a couple were seated in a restaurant and could not fail to hear the conversation at the next table, as two people were describing their holiday to their friends..

The Cathedral was wonderful, they said, but the thing that took our eye was the main stained glass window, it was more beautiful than we had ever seen before and our guide told us a wonderful story of how it came to be built.

It seems that while they were building the Cathedral a man came to them asking that he might have his part in the work by building this great East window.

At first they said “No” , but as he persisted, saying he would do it free of all cost, they thought that if we don’t like what he has done we can always take his work down and build what we do want, so they let him.

This new stranger soon put screens up over the hole where the window would be and started working behind the screens, and nobody bothered him or knew what he was doing. After some months he took the screens down to reveal the finished window, and this that we were looking at was the fantastic window.

When asked where he had got such beautiful coloured glass he replied “Just here and there, I took them out of the scrap heaps that others had thrown away”. The next day he was gone and nobody has ever known who that Master Craftsman was.

When I heard that story it reminded me vividly of the many men and women who became part of my life as a Minister. They were very ordinary people with all their faults and failings, They gave their life over to Jesus, and I saw Him slowly turn their lives into something beautiful .beyond words.

I suppose the biggest mystery it why so many people never ask Jesus Christ into their life. I believe He could do something beautiful with you if you asked Him

Christian Love, Gerald Gossage.

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