Mothers, Remember Mary

Mothers sometimes forget just how important they are. The memories I have of my Mother are of her long hair hanging down around me like being in a cave as she bent over me to kiss me “good night”. And the radiance of her face in church as she talked to her Jesus in prayer time.. I wanted to know her Jesus too, and I did in the end.

In the Bible story of Mary we have the full account of Mary from a young innocent girl to becoming the Mother of Jesus and then with Joseph, being the Mother of at least six other children. (Mark 3 v 6)
The Almighty God sent the Angel Gabriel to Mary who told her she was highly favored.
Like most young women she did not know this. The Angel said it was nothing to be afraid of.
She was going to have a baby, the Angel told her, and as this was to be God’s Son, she, a virgin, wanted to know how this was going to happen.
It was a natural question. God was a Spirit, not a physical being, how was His sperms to reach her to make a human child.? How wonderful and discreet was the Angel’s explanation.
“God will overshadow you, and The Spirit will come to you, and the child that will be born will be special The Son of God.
The Angel Gabriel gave her a bit of news, her elderly relative was in her sixth month with child. And this would give her the idea of visiting the old lady after the departure of the Angel. Mary gave her consent to be God’s handmaid.
With God all things are possible”..
The importance to all Mothers today is contained in what Mary thought at this time in the story .(You can read this in Luke Ch 1 v 45 to v 57) “My soul magnifies The Lord”. She was just full of the experience of what God had done, and full of joy and happiness.
Mother: someone unique is brought into the world, and you are chosen to help fashion this life for good. Your children could grow up and be a Blessing to you. And Mary knew that it was all God’s doing. “I am not worthy” she said “But this will go on for all the generations to come. I can make the future bright through my influence on the children”.
This was surely true of Mary’s influence on Jesus as He watched her day by day.
It is not the birth of those who are going to be rulers, important people, specials. It is the ordinary humble people, the good and the Godly that are the real blessings, and no matter how old we all get we can still have a good influence on our children, by our love and what they see we are.
I hope that you will never stop talking to Our Lord about your children, thanking Him for what he has done and what He will yet do to bring His Blessing upon them.
“With God all things are possible” and your responsibility never ends while you can still love and care about them.

Happy Families ! The Lord be with you. Gerald Gossage

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