Jesus Made a Will

After a person dies, very often a strange event takes place. The Family meet for the reading of the will, and are curious to know what will happen to the deceased possessions.

As far as we know Jesus left nothing of this world’s goods, His clothing became the property of the soldiers, and they gambled for possession of his robe. BUT Jesus did leave something. The words of this well known hymn tells us what the scriptures teach.

“Our Blessed Redeemer, ere He breathed His tender last farewell.,

A Guide and comforted bequeathed with us to dwell”.

Jesus left us part of God, The Holy Spirit..

Don’t think of God or Heaven as being like people or the world. Made of material. God is Spirit, and we who worship Him are to worship Him in spirit. (and truth)

My body that people see and can touch is only the case I live in. Like the house I live in or the car I sit in. That is not the real me, I am the spiritual real person. Inside. . Soon my body will be a small pile of ashes, But I shall be in Paradise with my Lord. (like the repentant thief on the cross)

What then is the gift that Jesus gives us ? Verse 2 of that hymn reminds us that Jesus received the Holy Spirit like a dove bringing peace and love. This was what He needed to face temptation in the wilderness. Verse 3=

The Disciples received The Spirit as what seemed to be flames and a rushing mighty wind. (Acts Ch2 v2-4)

Before He came, they were shut in the upper room for fear of an arrest. After they threw back the bolts of the doors and rushed out to speak in peoples own language about Jesus.

You are spirit, and the gift that Jesus offered us soon after is death and resurection is The Holy Spirit, His Spirit, part of God. He will come to those who seek Him.

How does this work out in practice ? Let me tell you how it was for me.

There was a time in my life when I gave myself to God, with all that I had and was,Since then He has taken over, and I do whatever He tells me to do, knowing it is not me doing things, it is Jesus, through The Holy Spirit.

If you continue to commit yourself to God every day, and every part of the day, if you constantly talk to Him and He is with you, if you read His Word, live always in Him, you will have a great life, with a great God.

“Every virtue we possess, and every victory won And every thought of holiness are His alone.”

The Holy Spirit is not just for Whitsun, He’s with us for always. Just ask for Him !

(It is great preparation for living for ever in heaven !)

Christian Love from Gerald Gossage.

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