I Still Travel “The Long Road of Miracles”.

Some may know that I was rushed to Musgrove Hospital early in February, and following a “Scan” it was discovered that I had a tumour growing in my brain, and it was bleeding.I was in hospital for some time, and have been put on steroids..I know that many people have been praying for me, and I was to thank all those who did, and to share my news about Our Wonderful Lord God and what He has done.

In mid-June I had a second “Scan” , and waited (not very patiently) for the result, and felt that The Lord was smiling at me and saying “ just you wait”. When the interview finally came, the doctor said “I don’t know what you have done, but it is the best news possible, There is no tumour there, it has gone, the gland is back to normal size and now there is nothing wrong ”.He said “my colleagues and I had decided that we would have to operate to remove the growth going up through the nose, but there is nothing there to remove. I want to make one important test and then you can go home cured”. He later phoned me to say the test shows that I could come off steroids at once, everything is back to normal”.

I Know That It Is My Lord Jesus Who Has Healed Me ! Please , please Thank Him for the answer to our prayers.

Now, let me tell you an old story about an Irish woman who was always telling tales and gossip about other people. One day she found out that one of her tales had caused a great deal of trouble, and hurt a number of people. For the first time she felt dreadfully sorry and being a good Roman Catholic she visited the priest to confess what she had done and ask what she must do.She was told that as a penance she must go to the market the next day and buy two chickens, and as she walked home with them she was to pluck them. When she had done this she was to go back to the priest to be told what she must do next.

The simple woman did as she was told and returned to the priest who told her to go and find every feather she had plucked from those two chickens. It was an impossible task she found.

(The Bible’s letter of James Ch3) says that the tongue is a little member of the body but has very great power. We can never know what influence our speech can have on other people. That Irish woman caused trouble with it, So can we. BUT the Holy Spirit can use our communications with God and others to perform His miracles of goodness, and, like scattered feathers, we cannot know just what our words and prayers will achieve. .Pray that your words will bless not cause unhappiness, and Never be careless in your prayers, you are communicating with the greatest power in the universe, and with one who loves to hear everything that comes from your heart.

Thanks for your love and prayers. Gerald Gossage

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