Fear or Faith?


I recently heard the story from WW2 about a sergeant who was badly wounded at Guadalcanal. A shell fragment had embedded itself in his throat. Unable to speak and in great pain the only way he could communicate was to write notes on bits of paper.

He wrote to the doctor “Will I live ?”. The doctor said “Yes!”

The next note asked “Will I ever talk again ?” The reply came back “Yes”

The final note asked “Have I anything to worry about ?”

The doctor grinned “No, nothing at all !”.

If only we could see it there is nothing that any of us need to worry about. To worry is to have fear that what we want, to happen or be… won’t !

We might not be able to pay our future fuel bills and we want to. We might get some illness. We might lose the love of someone. We may not be able to do something we have to.. or want to do. There might be an accident.. There are countless reasons to worry, and some people seem to be born worriers and if we could only see the situation in the right way we need never have fears about it.

“My God shall supply all your need through His riches in Christ Jesus”.

Millions of sparrows are fed everyday yet they don’t have to worry where food will come from, God feeds them ! Look at one of the wild flowers in the field, they are beautiful and wonderfully made, but never have to work at what they are. You are far more important them and your Father God will look after you and all your needs. Why should YOU worry or fear about anything. Worry does you more harm than good !

Just trust your wonderful God.

Would you like to know why some of your prayers don’t seem to be answered? It can well be that you are double minded. You ask, but you don’t believe in your heart that you will receive.

This I find so true when praying for healing. I have seen people come forward for healing and the laying on of hands, and when talking to someone after say “Well it would be nice if it did happen but I don’t suppose it will”. It is fear that it will not be granted that creates a barrier, and you have doubts.

You will not receive anything that way (as James says)

When I was a child I never thought about the winter weather ahead and that I would need a new overcoat; or that there would be good food on the table at meal times. That was my parents job, and they never failed to provide all my needs. You have a loving Father in heaven, He will supply all your needs.

Fear is the opposite to Faith. If you fear, your prayer won’t work, you are not having faith, But if you trust your Father in Heaven, in His love for you, the best and highest will happen.

Small children will often try to mend their broken toys themselves, but as they learn that they cannot, But Dad will fix it., Dad gets the job. There is NOTHING that Your Heavenly Father cannot do, and He will do what is best for you, so just lovingly trust Him.

(Greetings from Gerald Gossage)

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