Who is Gerald Gossage?

Born in S/E London of Godly C of E parents Gerald Gossage loved God from an early age,  and won every Scripture Prize through his school days.  He changed to the Baptist denomination at 15 years old, and became a Lay Preacher, and has preached the Gospel for 70 years.

Called to the Christian Ministry  in 1956 he moved with his wife and daughter to spend four years at Paton Congregational College and Nottingham University; when he was Ordained, and served several churches over the following years.

He has had two books published (Long Road To The Manse) and (Long Road Of Miracles)  He is considered a great Bible Study Leader, and has had a wonderful healing and pastoral ministry. He now shares his talent as writer of helpful magazine articles, believing  that The Holy Spirit often uses these articles to Help and Bless Christians in their daily walk with God.