Gerald Gossage autobiography

Gerald Gossage

Need a big dose of help and encouragement for your Christian life?

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Gerald Gossage has written two books based on his life story. You will laugh and maybe shed a tear as you read about Gerald’s adventures as he searches for God’s plan for his life. Find encouragement as you read about the faithfulness and blessings of God written from a sincere and honest perspective.


Gerald GossageLong Road to the Manse

In the first volume, Long Road to the Manse, the journey for Gerald Gossage starts as a 13 year old choir boy. Plagued with ill health, lack of education and frustration, Gerald had a burning desire to follow Jesus. Set in the years 1937 to 1960 Gerald’s search to follow God leads him into interesting and often humorous adventures.Follow his journey during war torn London where he experiences miracle escapes from bombs and doodle bugs. Through all his adventures Gerald consistently holds to a belief that God has a plan for his life and he must find it.

In the end he gives up looking for God’s plan, and then God steps in with a box full of miracles and surprises continuing to the very last page when he moves into the church manse as the pastor of a church.

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Long Road of Miracles


In the second book, Long Road of Miracles, Gerald Gossage shares the next part of his journey along the road God takes him in Autobiography of a Christian Ministerhis life in Christian ministry. The Long Road of Miracles is full of stories of miracles large and small that Gerald experienced during his time as a minister of the Church.

Gerald’s story is written with simple honesty and amazement at what can happen when God takes over. It was not an easy road, but as you will discover well worth the journey! After reading this book you too will have to conclude that nothing is too hard or impossible to God. You will be entertained and also challenged to have more faith in the power and love of God and see God work miracles in your own life

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